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The Band

Rivera Santos is an argentinian quintet that interweaves original tunes, rhythmic variety and poetic lyrics with the threads of the folklore roots that inspire them.

In 2013, José Rivera (composer, arranger, and guitarist) and Claudia Santos (singer and songwriter) embarked together on a relentless quest for a musical language and aesthetic of their own. In just four years, Rivera Santos has released two albums: "COMO EL RIO" (2014) and"REZABAILE" (2016). They are currently producing their third studio album, expected to be brought out by mid-2018.

The band has given concerts in dozens of theatres and auditoriums and they have participated in various festivals and regional holiday celebrations. In September of 2017, the band went on its first international tour in Colombia, with thirteen scheduled concerts in the cities of Bogotá, Armenia, Salento, Cartago, Pereira, Tenjo, and Duitama.

Rivera Santos' music sets their audience out on a journey through varied, yet convergent, atmospheres that range from the sweetest intimacy to energetic climaxes. Their interpretative quality has placed Rivera Santos as an undisputed alternative in the emerging music scene of Argentina.

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